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The Trade Show held in Seoul is the Generation Next_ Seoul (gn_s).

It is hosted by Seoul Metropolitan and organized by Seoul Design Foundation

twice a year on March and October with Seoul Fashion Week (SFW).

The aim of gn_s is to improve global fashion trade market in Korea by matching up talented Korean fashion designers with international buyers.

It also has been doing utmost to discover talented young designers and establishing Seoul as Asian Fashion Hub City.

In Mar 2021, Due to the worldwide spread of COVID 19, We couldn't hold Trade Show on-site. Thus We're going to run a Digital Trade Show through an official online gn_s B2B website.

As before, We're planning to invite 100 Global buyers on-line and run a business meeting by utilizing one on one video communication with participating brands.

We would be grateful for your interest and support in the Digital Trade Show as a way to prepare for COVID 19 as well as the upcoming non-contact era.