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gaze de lin

The soft and natural silhouette

Natural as water flows... Seeping as the time flies… Calm as the music plays… gaze de lin pursues static yet flowing naturalism.

gaze de lin

gaze de lin is a brand launched by designer Soyoung Chang in 2012 with a brand motto seeking static beauty. The soft and natural looking silhouette that drapes create brings out the maximum beauty from women, and creates a different shape depending on the figure of the wearer.

In this season, gaze de lin is launching a new line named [gaze de lin_re.touch].
[gaze de lin_re.touch] is a line where the designs and the sizes from the original line have been retouched to be more comfy to wear with a reasonable price to offer.
A variety of styles can be worn with jersey items by layering and styling them differently.
Please stay tuned for the the new gaze de lin_re.touch.

Price range
$70 ~ $500
End of ordering process
28/09/20 ~31/10/20
Delivery period
End of JAN. 2021 (within a month after ordering some products)




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