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Pursues high-sensitivity, high-end street fashion

Following the gender fluid style


D-Antidote is a designer brand based in Seoul that pursues high-sensitivity, high-end street fashion.

The D-Antidote brand was launched with the goal of being an 'antidote' to detoxify those who are accustomed to and addicted to fashion trends that are instantly consumed and disposed of, and to serve as a solution to provide for the needs of consumers who are looking for valuable fashion that allows them to express their unique individuality.
Based on the ability to recreate antiqueness, the strength of London designs which our designers have vast experience with, our fashion designs are inspired by various youth cultures of the past and present and combine the strengths of Seoul's active and trendy street fashion. Through interesting design storytelling centered on the concept of “Newstalgia Look” (Retro+Nostalgia) pursuing “crossover” between the genders and generations, we develop a collection with character that empathizes with various consumers and enables continuous consumption.

Encouraged by the high level of interest among many stakeholders, including domestic and foreign celebrities and influencers, media and buyers, and continuous and diverse collaborations with global fashion brands, we are rapidly expanding awareness of our brand and our range, and we were selected for inclusion in the '10 Soul' (Best 10 Design Brands). As our collection is recognized as a must-see collection by Seoul Fashion Week, we are solidifying our position as an up-and-coming designer label representing Seoul.

Price range
$30 ~ $990
End of ordering process
28/09/20 ~ 31/10/20
Delivery period
the end of January~early February (The exact date will be updated later)




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